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ShreddersBay – Online Used Items and Scraps Selling App

About – ShreddersBay

ShreddersBay is a Pune, Indian based Online Scrap Selling Marketplace App built on android platform that helps a domestic customer to sell their domestic scrap online, by searching the nearest dealer, set the appointment, confirms their identity at doorstep, and gets the money. It also helps Dealers to increase their business by getting more bookings. Download ShreddersBay app today and experience the service by selling your all unwanted things online just with a single click and youpaid for your waste sold.

For Seller

  • Customer, who needs to sell their Scrap Products to Scrap Dealers, can provide their full details about their Address with Pin code or Zip code

  • Click the image of the Scrap, put the Quantity or weight approximate, get the calculation of the amount easily

  • Provided safety features for Domestic Customer, as they will get a Dealer Verify button, which will active once Dealer accepts your Booking request.

  • No intermediary is involved as it will be a direct deal between you and the Dealer

  • Option for customers to give Feedback, ratings to the Dealer

  • Secure and fast payment options to get the deal done, and get your money online/offline/Paytm easily

For Dealer

  • An option with easy registration process for a Scrap Dealer upon installation of app

  • For safety measures, dealers are forced to provide their identity details approved by Government, Address Proof and Bank Details as soon as you register

  • Easier to send the Order from Customer to most verified Scrap Dealers for both party's safety

  • There will No intermediaries involved, as it is direct deal between you and your Consumer

About – Auction

An online auction is a service in which auction users or participants sell or bid for products or services via the Internet. Virtual auctions facilitate online activities between buyers and sellers in different locations or geographical areas.